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110 Days and Counting...
Ahoy, Time to Check-in

There's only 110 days before we embark on one of the best lifestyle cruises of 2015. The Solstice-class cruise ship, Celebrity Silhouette, will set sail on Nov 29 - Dec 6, 2015 to exotic destinations. Below is some important information regarding your reservation.

If you received a Booking ID Number from your Travel Agent (TA), please complete the Online Check-In (top of page) as soon as possible. This will allow us to get feedback and correct any mistakes that have been made to your reservation. It also expedites the boarding process on the day of departure so you can start having fun.

Please remember: Titles such as Jr, Sr, I, II, III that appear on your passport should also be on your reservation (RES#).

Here are a few tips and updates about the upcoming cruise.


1. Shore Excursions in Casa De Campo: A new two tank scuba diving adventure has been added. This will give you more time to explore and enjoy the beautiful underwater landscape.

2. Labadee Excursions: Here you'll find all the clothing optional catamarans that are very popular and filling up fast . . . so don't wait to book. Plus don't miss the Roller Coaster Twister -- buy a single ride or an all day pass. Hold your gal tight and listen to her scream (for all the wrong reasons).

3. Internet Package: Are you tired of always buying additional Internet packages on cruises? The speed on the Silhouette is excellent and advance booking is available at a great price for Unlimited Internet/WiFi on the entire charter. Book now and save $.  


4. Themes: The nightly theme events aboard the Celebrity Silhouette will be a tantalizing and sensual adventure.

  • Roman Toga Party - This is the chance to embrace your inner hedonistic desires as we start your lifestyle adventure as Roman Gods & Goddesses.
  • Roaring 20's Formal Party - Go Formal, 20's, or both. This speakeasy will be noisy indeed.

  • Wild Wild West - S*xy never looked this good with Cowboys, Indians and Ladies with Parasols. Giddy Up!
  • Glow Panty Rave - "Anything glows" in this up-all-night extravaganza.

  • ABC (Anything But Clothes) - Duct tape, saran wrap, feathers . . . get creative and come ready to play.
  • Fetish Friday - Get your freak on and show off your wild side.
  • Holiday Tease Party - Elves, Snowmen and Dreidels, have a turn on Santa's lap (ho, ho, ho).

5. Lawn Club: Get together with 2 or 3 other couples and rent your own Alcove for the day (Deck 15). Private butler service and various lunch baskets are also available. Bask in the sun directly on the grass or use a blanket. Prices vary for sea days and port days.

6. A-Frames on the Pool Deck: Reserve a private area with shade on the pool deck. There are 5 units available on either side of the pool. Each can be rented by day or by week.  

  • $ 125 for sea days (with your name on the A-Frame).
  • $85 for port days.
  • A full week is $600.

Please Note - The A-Frames cannot be ordered online, but through your Travel Agent or a Bliss office representative. Contact

7. Update On Luggage Tags: There are 3 options for getting tags:

  • Order them online 49 days before departure. Specific instructions will be provided in future newsletters.
  • There will be hundreds of luggage tags at the various TA hotels. Please be sure to put your name, cabin number and mark an "X" in the quadrant where your cabin is located. Front / Middle / AFT on either Port / Starboard side. This will ensure timely delivery of your luggage. Ask a TA if you need help.
  • Finally, there will always be luggage tags available at the port.


8. Where will the "Hot Spot" be on the Silhouette? It's a new charter with lots of new names, so we'll let you decide:

  • Martini Bar/Crush - Deck 4 - this bar is huge and has a number of private areas in back for play time.
  • Ensemble Lounge - Deck 5 - you will pass through here if going to one of the many specialty restaurants.
  • Passport Bar - Deck 3
  • Sky Lounge - Deck 14
  • Quasar - Deck 14

9. Laser / Light Shows: Bliss has upped the ante on the level of entertainment for this cruise. We have contracted the use of additional lighting, as well as Laser Lights in various venues throughout the charter -- from the theater, to the centrum, to the pool deck and sky lounge. These laser lights will bring magic to Bliss.

10. Update on Photos: After the last newsletter, a number of couples were confused and asked, "How will we see our pictures if there is no photo viewing gallery on the ship?" All pictures will be available for viewing and purchase from the TV Screen in your cabin. This ensures maximum privacy of revealing outfits and poses. Rest assured, your privacy is very important to us.

11. Want To Save Money in the Casino? Get a $2,500 line of credit and save the 3% fees when purchasing chips at the tables (if you do not have cash). Contact Wayne at for more details.

12. Get Your Drink On - Online booking is available for the all inclusive Premium and Classic drink packages. Place your order now for unlimited drinks on the ship and in Labadee.

13. Finally - Why not share this lifestyle cruise with your friends, they'll be glad you did.


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