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Bliss Cruise - Passenger Survey Says - Celebrity Equinox Theme Nights

The Results Are In

A record number of over 450 couples chimed in with surveys relating to the last Bliss Cruise charter aboard the Celebrity Silhouette. Hands down, Bliss Cruise crushed it with passenger satisfaction. From our quality production including multiple options to meet couples, right down to an explosive and expansive number of playrooms, the favorable ranking clearly makes Bliss Cruise the choice charter of lifestyle couples.

Thank you for making the Silhouette charter such a big success! We're only just beginning with many more dynamic charters on the horizon.

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All Eyes Are On

The Celebrity Summit * March 20 - 25, 2017

The Celebrity Summit is the next epic sailing for Bliss Cruise from March 20 - 25, 2017. Not only does the 5-night charter attract a diverse and more active crowd, but the developing cruise lifestyle program "cuts to the chase" by putting you in play with some seriously hot couples.

Online Reservation Numbers

If you already booked the Celebrity Summit, reservation numbers are being emailed to you by your travel agent over the next 2 - 4 days.

Take your reservation number and visit to complete your online check-in and set up your Cruise Planner account. It only takes minutes to complete.

There are many amenities that can be selected in your Cruise Planner account including:

Beverage Packages
Premium: $69/day per person + gratuity
Classic: $59/day per person + gratuity

You can also shop online for Specialty Restaurants, Internet packages, and excursions.

Poolside Parties

You better believe it, Bliss Cruise is also known for epic poolside venues. The pool deck on board the Celebrity Summit is absolutely priceless for daytime "No Tan Lines" soaking. At night, our experienced production team delivers powerhouse showcases that turn the poolside into one heck of a journey.

Cabin Comfort

Every cabin has been totally remodeled and upgraded with a Solstice-style appearance. Not only were carpets changed throughout the ship, but bathrooms were updated too. New bedding and curtains have been added as well.

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On The Horizon

Celebrity Equinox Special Rate & Themes

Bliss Cruise can't wait to board the Silhouette's sister ship, the Celebrity Equinox. This cruise departs Miami, FL from Nov. 25 - Dec. 2, 2017. The three ports-of-call for the Celebrity Equinox are Ponce, Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, and St. Thomas.

Celebrity Equinox Fun Fact: Bliss Cruise has initiated a formula to "top" the passenger experience delivered on the Silhouette. The production possibilities are now endless and developing. Nearly 3,000 passengers just like you will be partying like there is no tomorrow . . .

Celebrity Equinox Theme Nights
In the Navy - Nautical Night
Naughty Prom Night (Formal)
Studio 69 - 70's Night (Pool Party)
Glow Night (Pool Party)
Black Tape Night (Pool Party)
Pretty in Pink
Pillow Party

For a limited time, passengers can save $300 per cabin on all category 1C and 2B cabins. This program will expire February 17th -- just after Valentines Day.

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