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Bliss Double Trouble Deposit Offer

"Double Your Trouble" on Celebrity Infinity

Bliss Cruise is the resort of choice for an ever-increasing lifestyle crowd. With many Bliss Charters being sold out, a new promotion is making it easier for passengers to stretch one low deposit into multiple lifestyle cruises.

When making the minimum down payment on the next Celebrity Infinity 2019 cruise, you have the option of taking 50% of the deposit and applying it to the April 2020 cruise. The deposit is applied to any Inside, Ocean view, or Balcony stateroom. Simply make your cabin selection and write "Double Trouble" in the promo code field, or contact your favorite lifestyle travel agent and get all the details handled for you. Below are some examples of how the Double Trouble offer works:

  • Deposit $400 and get 2 Inside cabins (one on each cruise)
  • Deposit $500 and reserve 2 Balcony, Ocean View or Concierge cabins
  • Deposit $750 and secure 2 Aqua-class cabins
If you've already booked the April 2019 problem, the offer is being extended to you for the April 2020 charter with only a $250 deposit on an Inside, Ocean View, or Balcony cabin. This offer expires on June 30, 2018.

Bottles Up: Take advantage of our Double Trouble offer before the deadline and Bliss will deliver a bottle of either red or white wine to your cabin on the April 2020 charter.

Already in a suite for one of the charters? While there is no reduction in the suite deposit, you will still benefit from the free bottle, provided both bookings are done by June 30, 2018.

Grab a cabin today to secure the best location at the lowest price:
  • Cabins start as-low-as $595 per person (pp) with double occupancy
  • Balcony cabins start as-low-as $950 pp with double occupancy
  • We arrange flexible installment payments so call for immediate cabin availability
Call us today for more information: 954-462-5477

** Celebrity Infinity Theme Nights **

Each day, Bliss Cruise is packed with fun and filled with exciting entertainment. We specialize in a sailing program that maximizes your lifestyle success and puts you in front of enthusiastic passengers that are ready to meet others.

Each night, the cruise transforms into captivating themes, helping you explore your "wild side." Theme nights are totally optional, but any passenger will tell you that participating in themes is the best way to meet and make new friends.

2019 Celebrity Infinity - Official Nightly Theme Lineup:

  • Day 1: Uniform Night - "S*xy up" your favorite uniform and show it off on Uniform Night. Maybe play a little good cop, bad cop?
  • Day 2: James Bond/Bond Girl 007 Formal Night - Be the ultimate spy and go under cover(s).
  • Day 3: Glow Night - The largest UV party at sea...nothing compares. Make it glow, make it grow...
  • Day 4: Monster Mash/Fetish Night - A creative double-themed night of s*xiness & fun. Can you imagine the possibilities?
  • Day 5: Color Me Bad Night - Wear your favorite color because "we wanna s*x you up!"
Can't figure out what to wear? No problem, we have an award-winning body artist on board who will turn your body into an amazing canvas.

** Come Raise the Roof with Us **

In addition to a pool deck perfectly arranged for day and night parties, the Celebrity Infinity features a Rooftop Terrace that gives you a chic new way to experience the great outdoors. Bliss Cruise transforms this area into a flexible 24-hour play space with special events and after parties. It's all designed to keep you on top of the fun. 

You'll be up at the Rooftop. Trust us!

** Most Of All, You'll Make Friends **

Multiple "Meet and Greets" happen each and every day. No matter your desire, these encounters are your gateway to making new friends; some of them you may wind up knowing for a lifetime.

Newcomers Welcome: You don't need to know anyone to attend a Bliss Cruise lifestyle cruise. The average lifestyle couple on board meets several dozen new friends each sailing. Approximately 30 percent of the Celebrity Infinity charter are expected to be filled by newbies.

Additionally, the spring cruises average 10 years younger or more.

Just Remember, Don't Judge.

If expression offends you, well, you'll get over it on Bliss Cruise. For our guests, it's a sailing that's completely judgment free.

Bliss Cruise is a full-service adult lifestyle vacation offering clothing-optional rights to passengers in select areas of the ship. Unlike competitor cruises restricting freedom rights, clothes are in the way on Bliss Cruise.

Reserve your cabin today. 954-462-5477

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