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Reservation Advisory for Spring 2019 Charter

Passenger Reservation Advisory - Celebrity Infinity * April 8 - 13, 2019

A Passenger Reservation Advisory has been issued for the Celebrity Infinity April 8 - 13, 2019 charter. The ship is now 65% sold.

The spring Bliss Infinity cruise has become the fastest reserving charter in our history. Due to its hardcore, supercharged party vibe and energetic passenger base, "the secret is out" about our spring sailings. That’s why the Infinity charter is selling at an even faster pace than the sold out November cruise on board the Independence of the Seas.

Don’t Get Stuck On A Waiting List

Why risk waiting for the cruise to be sold out and forced to join a waiting list? Bliss Cruise not only offers spring sailings that are below competitive rates, but also provides flexible no-cost transfer windows should your plans change (keep reading for Transfer Policy information).

Double Trouble Offer Ends June 30, 2018 - Buy Now

Our highly popular Spring offer called "Double Trouble allows" couples to stretch out their minimum deposit over the next 2 Spring sailings (see below itineraries for specific deposit details).

Don't Miss Out - Here's How Double Trouble Works

Since space on our spring cruises is moving so quickly, now you can protect your cabin for years to come.

When making the minimum down payment on the next Celebrity Infinity 2019 cruise, you have the option of taking 50% of the deposit and applying it to the April 2020 cruise. The deposit is applied to any Inside, Ocean view, or Balcony stateroom. Simply make your cabin selection and write "Double Trouble" in the promo code field, or contact your favorite lifestyle travel agent and get all the details handled for you. Below are some examples of how the Double Trouble offer works:

  • Deposit $400 and get 2 Inside cabins (one on each cruise)
  • Deposit $500 and reserve 2 Balcony, Ocean View or Concierge cabins
  • Deposit $750 and secure 2 Aqua-class cabins

If you've already booked the April 2019 problem, the offer is being extended to you for the April 2020 charter with only a $250 deposit on an Inside, Ocean View, or Balcony cabin. Remember: this offer expires on June 30, 2018.

Bottles Up: Take advantage of our Double Trouble offer before the deadline and Bliss will deliver a bottle of either red or white wine to your cabin on the April 2020 charter.

Already in a suite for one of the charters? While there is no reduction in the suite deposit, you will still benefit from the free bottle, provided both bookings are done by June 30, 2018.

Grab a cabin today to secure the best location at the lowest price:
  • Cabins start as-low-as $595 per person (pp) with double occupancy
  • Balcony cabins start as-low-as $950 pp with double occupancy

We arrange flexible installment payments so call for immediate cabin availability


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Celebrity Infinity 2019 Theme Nights

You just can't have a lifestyle cruise without having a theme for each night, right? Though theme wear is not required, it’s a proven fact that it leads to some serious connection time with our passengers. Therefore, happy shopping and get ready for some super hot popping!

2019 Celebrity Infinity - Official Nightly Theme Lineup:

Day 1: Uniform Night - "S*xy up" your favorite uniform and show it off on Uniform Night. Maybe play a little good cop, bad cop?
Day 2: James Bond/Bond Girl 007 Formal Night - Be the ultimate spy and go under cover(s).
Day 3: Glow Night - The largest UV party at sea -- nothing compares. Make it glow, make it grow...
Day 4: Monster Mash/Fetish Night - A creative double-themed night of s*xiness & fun. Can you imagine the possibilities?
Day 5: Color Me Bad Night - Wear your favorite color because "we wanna s*x you up!"

***The themes are not listed in any specific order and are subject to change. Check the daily cruise program delivered to your cabin for each night's theme so you can dress accordingly.

Infinity Raises the Roof - Rooftop Terrace

In addition to a pool deck perfectly arranged for day and night parties, the Celebrity Infinity features a Rooftop Terrace that gives you a chic new way to experience the great outdoors. We transform this area into a flexible 24-hour play space with special events and after parties. Make sure you check out our signature "Dance n’ Play" event held overnight on Day 2 starting at 11pm. It's a night and event you don’t want to miss...

Exceptional Play Space with Thermal Pool

The Solarium is masterfully converted into a playroom offering semi-private areas and use of a thermal pool for comfort. What's best? The pampering service. In the blink of an eye, sheets and towels are changed by the Bliss team. You do nothing but show up and play. Past passengers have rated the Bliss Cruise Solarium as one of the best playroom experiences ever at sea.

Come experience the best playroom setup in the entire lifestyle industry.

Celebrity Infinity 2019 Excursions

Costa Maya - Jungle Beach Club

The sure way to fully enjoy your beach day at Costa Maya is by visiting the Private Jungle Beach Club. You will find yourself immersed between beautiful palm trees and the crystal waters of the Caribbean Sea. This tour includes an open bar so party to your heart's content. If you prefer a bit of peace and quiet during the beach day, the north side of the Jungle Beach Club is the perfect getaway -- a short 18 minutes from port.

Belize - Rendezvous Island

Everything has been arranged for you at this private, exclusive location in Belize. You'll be transported via catamaran 20-minutes to Rendezvous Beach, a private island exclusive for up to 500 Bliss Cruise passengers. Not only is the trip filled with unlimited food and alcohol, but we'll also raise the party vibe with a day-long beach bash. Best of all, you board the catamaran right from the side of the ship.

We arrange flexible installment payments so call for immediate cabin availability


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Transfer Policy for Canceled Cabins Aboard Independence of the Seas

As the Independence charter is completely sold out and passengers are past the Final Cancellation Date of May 15, there might be some couples who have an emergency of some type and need to change plans. Bliss has announced a new policy to help out those couples who have had some type of change in their lives. It's a great way to protect your investment.

A couple can transfer their funds to any future Bliss Charter as follows:

  • Up until July 11 (120 days before charter) there is zero transfer fee. Pick a cabin aboard a future charter and you’re done.
  • From July 11 until Sept 11 (60 days before charter)
    1. Make the transfer for a small $499 fee on all cabins except Suites
    2. Suite transfers can be completed for a fee of just $999
Need to know more? Contact your Bliss Cruise Travel Agent or call the number below:



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