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New Itinerary Alert - Celebrity Infinity 2021

New Itinerary Alert
Celebrity Infinity * April 19-24, 2021

Is your dream of the perfect itinerary for a clothing-optional lifestyle cruise to have 2 amazing party days at sea followed by 2 sexy sun-filled days at a private island with stunning beaches and exciting shore activities?

Due to the new CDC-mandated restrictions that cruise lines must follow in ports to keep passengers and the locals safe, all our excursions would have to be ship sponsored. This means getting off the ship and onto a bus, and then traveling with no means of getting off the bus. There would be no walking around the port or the town on your own -- something all of us are very accustomed to.

To make this dream come true we are now going to Labadee. This is a private island owned by RCG (Royal Caribbean Group) that will be available exclusively for Bliss clients. You will have no restrictions on movement around the island with its numerous beaches and recreation areas.

Bliss Cruise will sail to Labadee not for 1 day, but for 2 incredible days. It's not easy to arrange a "coup" like this, but we knew our clients would really appreciate the service.

***The other reason Celebrity is taking this action: the cruise line is 100% responsible for the health and safety of its passengers AND crew. Since the cruise line has limited control during visits to public ports of call, its solution is to allow Bliss Cruise exclusive use of Labadee (its private island) for two days.

What This Decision Means For You

First of all, this itinerary change means total freedom. We love Labadee and so do our passengers. Think of the fun you’ll have spending 2 days on this private island. The beaches are pristine and the service is impeccable.

There’s options for thrill seekers, bungalows for added luxury, and even isolated beaches for couples who want less interaction and more intimacy.

Best of All - Powerful Drink Packages

For passengers purchasing a drink package, all packages are honored during your time on Labadee. This is a supersized cost benefit for passengers. Normally, your time off ship becomes an added expense for food and alcohol purchases at different ports of call.

This is not the case on a private island. In Labadee, you’ll find numerous bar stations with attendants that are happy to pour. The island features three generous buffet stations too. Drink package pricing is below and is per person, per day (ppd) plus gratuity:

- Premium Beverage - $79 ppd + gratuity
- Classic Beverage - $66 ppd + gratuity
- Premium Non-Alcoholic - $28 ppd + gratuity

If you have any questions about the upcoming cruise, kindly contact your Travel Agent or Bliss Cruise: (954) 462-5477

Exciting Excursions for Labadee Thrill Seekers

Dragon's Breath Zipline
Soar from 500 feet in the Air - Dragon's Breath

You can make it a foursome.

After getting to Labadee, you will understand why it’s famed for this zipline excursion. Soaring 500 feet above ground, it's one of the longest over-the-water zipline courses in the world.

It starts from a high point on top of a hill and runs at least half a mile over the water. Are you up to ride the Dragon?

Arawak Aqua Park

RCL is also famous for the largest aqua parks. Enjoy your day at the Arawak, which offers plenty of water toys for a fun (yet challenging) obstacle-like water theme park. Participate in wall climbing on iceberg inflated structures, sliding, jumping on water trampolines, and floating on water mats at this water park which is located only a few yards into the water.

Dragon’s Tail Roller Coaster

Go coasting through the forested mountainside at 30-miles per hour on this action-packed ride. You’ll be on a wild ride of curves, dips and swerves, with each turn bringing a new discovery. Admire the beautiful view of the forest and the surrounding area up close. This fun, thrilling ride (which starts from a 680 foot high point above the ground) will create an adrenaline rush for you that will last for days.

Barefoot/Nellie's Beach

While Nellie's and Adrenaline Beach are full of fun, for some privacy, escape to the private beaches on the island.

To start off, there is Barefoot Beach which is right next to the pier on the opposite side of Nellie's beach. This is a private beach accessed only by some suite guests and those who have rented cabanas. As the name suggests, this beach features very soft, white powdery sand that is devoid of rocks.

Celebrity offers beautiful cabanas on 4 separate beaches in Labadee. These will be available for private rental in January along with all the other excursions and drink packages. Note: cabanas will be available over the water, on the sand and hilltop. Reservations will only be available through your Travel Agent.

Dragon’s Splash Waterslide
Whip Through 300-Foot Long Waterslide - Dragon's Splash

Try this daring waterslide that is 300 feet long. Wind through 10 twists as you enjoy this adrenaline-packed activity. End it with a big splash in the 18 foot-splash zone at Columbus Cove.

FAQ - Will the ship dock in Labadee overnight?

No, the laws of Haiti require that all passenger ships must leave the port before sunset. All the better for us to spend a leisurely evening at sea cruising at 6 knots, which will be perfect for the famous Bliss Glow Night, where the party will rock until the very early hours of the morning. Best of all, you can then spend a 2nd relaxing day on the sand, on the beach, in your cabana, or just strolling through your private island.

If you have additional questions about the upcoming cruise, kindly contact your Travel Agent or Bliss Cruise: (954) 462-5477

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